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Bali Massage and Spa

Bali Massage and Spa


Creambath 1 hour us$ 30

Hair and Sclap treatment using special cream made of fruits and herbs. This treatment promotes Blood circulation to refresh.

Traditional Facial 1 hour us$ 30

Traditional Face treatment to refine the Skin and reduce weinkles using a natural products, followed by stimulating five minutes massages and acupressure point massage. At the end of this treatment your face skin will be look young, health and clean.

Manicure or Pedicure 1 hour us$ 30


Best of vie relaxation 5 hours us$ 125 

Thalasso foot bath + stone massage + shirodara + choose 4 kinds body scrub + flower bath + refreshing facial/creambath + brunch served fresh fruit.

Shirodara treatment 1.5 hours us$70 

Ayurvedic massage in which warmed medicated oil steadily drips on the forehead. Relieve mental tension and calming the mind.


Foot Reflexology 1,5 hours us$ 33 

Massage special on Leg area and feet with acupressure points to sore muscle and alleviate the body of built up toxins

Special For Men 2 hours us$ 60 

Thalasso foot bath + foot reflexology + balinese massage.


Honeymoon treatment 4 hours us$ 99 

Aromatic foot bath + balinese massage + traditional facial + shirodara + aromatic flower bath , body lotion + hair creambath + cake and juice.

Balinese costums and spa package 3 hours us$ 90 

Balinese wedding costums with five different pose and all the photos in CD’s + spa package (natural inspiration treatments.


Balinese Massage 1 hour US$ 30

Body massage using oil to relax your spirits. This massage base on traditional Balinese massage technique.

Aromatherapy Massage 2 hours US$ 40

This is particular massage applied a rolling long pressure energy. Balancing lines and relaxing to stimulated the mind and clean out the body, in according to your choice of 4 different aromatic oils.

Shiatsu Massage 1 hour US$ 30

Working on specific points of the body to implove blood circulation, metabolism and health.

Hot Stone Massage 2 hours US$ 40

This relaxing massage using warm stone to eliminate toxins, relieve stress, easy away tension and warm the body.

Thai Massage 1 hour US$ 30

Strong treatment without oil combined with acupressure point and thai technique to sore muscle, blood circulation and reduce the wrikle.

Special for Men US$ 40

Thalasso Foot Bath + Foot Reflexiology + Balinese Massage


Natural inspiration treatment 5 hours us$ 125  

Aromatic foot bath + balinese massage + body scrub with natural green tea + tropical fruit body polish + aromatic flower bath.

Chocolate spa 2 hours us$70 

Aroma foot bath + massage with aromatic chocolate oil + body polish with chocolate + aromatic flower bath + body lotion.

Sweet memory 3 hours us$80 

Aromatic foot bath + traditional facial or hair creambath + balinese massage + body scrub with traditional boreh or traditional scrub + tropical fruit body polish + aromatic flower bath + body lotion.

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